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PATRIOTIC RADICAL 'SAVE STRYVELAND' RALLY 2:00 - 3:00pm (Gather at Location as from 1:00 pm. (Followed By March to Hold the BETWS BARRICADE at Entrence To WINDMILL PLANTATION Then To The SOUTHERN FENCE - Further Details Below.

The View From Foot of Penlle'r Gaer also 'Ffin Stryveland 1334 Frontier', look past the 'Three County Cross Roads' and passed the Pylon and you can see in foreground the 'Turbine Road' being cut into Mynydd y Betws, behind that is seen a TV Mast. To the left of this is the 'Trig' 1282 - 1334 Memorial (The Anti - Windmill Campaigners Rally will be held there at 2 - 3:00pm). There is a Barb Wire Fence on either side of the 'Turbine' Construction Road, later the Windmill Plantation Maintenance Road. Note, there are 'Red Gates' in the fences, either side to allow continued 'open access' to Heritage Ways, Foot Paths and Bridle Ways. The land in front has an hard peat base and is usually after rain very dry and walkable, including for older children. Noting that after the 'Betws Barricade' we Patriots and Partisans shall proceed along Southern Fence doing what we got to do regards Black Ribbons, Ivy and Posters being placed as part of the 'Struggle To Save Stryveland' campaign and in memory of 'Y Cymry' who fought and died in defence and for the Liberation of Mynydd y Betws ' 'STRYVELAND!' for over 50 years. Passing through the 'Red Gate' we shall proceed to the 'Trig' and then to the Viewing Station for hopefully some entertainment or if wished you may go for further 'Walkabouts'. Up to you the evenings will be light to late, and if good weather why not but take care, be prepared and do consult maps and obtain Trail Leaflets for Gower and St Illtud's way.

Like wise as from the 'Trig' others will march to and along the 'Northern Fences' and proceed via a 'Red Gate' to site of the aforementioned 'Ysbryd Cofiwn Remembrance Cross' to place tributes there as well. Then return to viewing station for 'Entertainment' and 'Walkabouts' as abobe.

Further, note at the Viewing Station there is some parking space also Picnic tables, so bring a picnics but also note near by Scotspine Pub, check out 'Opening Times' and availabilty of food throught the day and evening. We are serious about the three day 'Mountain Occupation' but consider camping out for one, two or three carefully and prepare well by further sussing out potential and needs and requirements as well as feasabilty for families.

As to your health and safty it's your responsibilty, so take care.

Below three Fotos: The Foot of Penlle'r Gaer, view behind above foto, entrance to the right by way of a small stream from a spring. Area within is dry and sheltered area below, maybe suitable for camping on but check on it?

The 'Ysbryd Cofiwn Remembrance Cross' and Cairn will be placed here a 1:00pm. See previous posts for more info on this. Btween 1 - 2:00pm Patriots will hold 'SOAP BOX NATION' Discussion and Debate on theme of Whither Way Forward of Patriotic Struggle/s. Come prepared to speak, I will argue case for 'STRYVELAND' - Homeland Defence Movement:

Below: The main access to above though you can as easy walk up the mound as seen in first photo.

The Betws Barricade, reached via a 'Rough Music' March to the Main Mountain Entrance as seen on photos below:

The 'Betws Barricade' largelly 'Symbolic' with Patriotic Speeches being made against all forms of Cheque Book Conquest and Colonisation, not just Windmills but as in case of Vyrnwy, would be 'Welsh Water Masters. An historic location with strong Hanes Glyndwr connection, see below:

24 Oct 2010 – BRWYDRAU GLYNDWR. Material associated with the Military History of the Last Great ... THE BATTLE OF VYRNWY 24 MEDI 1400: 'TARIAN GLYNDWR. ...

NB: What we are doing now on Mynydd y Betws hopefully, similar will be carried out on the Vyrnwy Estate on and about 24 Mis Medi anniversary of a Brwydr Glyndwr there following events of 16 - 18 - 24 Medi 1400. See work done by Tarian Glyndwr over last two years, now leaving it other Patriots to continue the 'Struggle To Save Vyrnwy' from a 'Utiliy Company' Robber Baron.

 At Conclusion of the 'Betws Barricade', turn to right and begin to walk along fence doing what must be done: More Fotos to Follow in due course.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

FIRST WEEK JUNE MARCH INTO THE MOUNTAIN INITIATIVE: 8 - 10 JUNE 2012 OCCUPY MYNYDD Y BETWS ' SAVE STRYVELAND STRUGGLE' - PROGRAMME UP DATE. Please Pass This Post/Blog By all Means Possible also otherwise publicise the Event Programme Below - This Event Must Be The BIG ONE BY THE 1000's.

Annwyl fellow Radical Activist Patriots and Anti - Windmill Campaigners, Patriotic or Nationalist or whatever or not? 

In the interest of all I have sought to arrange the below in an attempt to reduce any fears by some of having to put up with other peoples 'Militancy' or indeed 'Moderation', I would not wish more of my ranting and finger waving on anyone be they 'Moderate' or 'Militant'. So, you want have to put up with too much of me as generally I will be too busy setting up the Viewing Station and Two Gathering Locations also offering my services as Chairman for events over at foot of Penlle'r Gaer. Not least I will be at the Betws Barricade and walk along the fence after which and months of organising all this plus hill walking, I think I will be fleeing to my tent for a long sleep before I have to prepare for the Sunday on Mynydd Y Gwair.

 ‘Cymru'n Codi 2012’ has proposed a 'March Into The Mountain Initiative' for the first week of June 1 - 7, this will followed by a National 'Occupy The Mountains' event on Mynydd y Betws over 8 - 10 June 2012 with main events taking place on Saturday 9th June as part of a continuing campaign to 'Save Stryveland' from another 'Great Beast*'. This time the 'New Conquistadores' aka 'Renewables Robber Barons' seeking to make of our Country 'CORPORATE COLONY CYMRU'. The Events of Saturday 9th June 2012 will, in the main, take the form of two separate gatherings, this being so, to meet a number of requests made - which organisers are happy to comply with for the purpose of overall maximum unity and solidarity in struggle towards a good purpose. Thus, there will be as follows:

Moderate & Meaningful.

 * 2 - 3:00pm. A Non - Political gathering at the Mynydd y Betws 'Trig' (see Pic above) to provide a platform for Anti - Windmill Campaigners to speak at; All Anti – Windmill groups based in Cymru are invited to appoint a representative to speak at this public gathering, if wishing to please contact The Gathering will be followed by a walk to the Northern Fences of the Windmill Plantation (which will be crossed via a 'Red Gate' provided), Such is in the background to photo above, continuing on to the foot of Penlle’r Gaer where floral tributes may be placed at the pre placed ‘Ysbryd Cofiwn 'Remembrance Cross' in memory of all the Cymry who fought and died in defence of Mynydd y Betws aka 'Stryveland' 1282 - 1334. (Originally Planned for Sunday 10th June now on request Saturday 9th June, further details towards end of this post). 

Militant & Meaningful.

* 2 - 3:00pm. A second but Political Platform - Patriotic Gathering will be organised as the 'Save Stryveland' Rally at foot of Penlle'r Gaer, at which the above aforementioned 'Remembrance Cross' will be raised, and a 'Soap Box Nation' will make it possible for any and all Patriots to 'Vent a Mythology' as in Medieval times, being as patriotically and politically radical as they wish. Such will be followed by a 'Rough Music' march to the main entrance of the Windmill Workings on Mynydd y Betws for the 'Betws Barricade', a symbolic event at which more formal speeches will be made by representatives of Patriotic Societies attending, if wishing to speak at this event contact Gethin Gruffydd at The 'Betws Barricade' will be followed by a walk along the Southern Fences, passing through a 'red gate' and proceeding to the 'Trig' on Mynydd y Betws as seen in photo in association with the Windmill Campaign Gathering. note, the Southern Fence can just be seen behind the pylon also in distance is a TV mast, the 'Trig' is to the left of that.

Betws Barricade.

The 'Rough Music' March from foot of Penlle'r Gaer cross Roads will conclude here see above photo, this is the main entry on the Mynydd y Betws Mountain Road Entrance. The major entrance is from the Gwuan Cae Gurwen side, other than being an entry for workers, this entrance will in time possibly serve the bringing in of rocks and concrete for Turbine Foundations in due course whilst Turbines will be delivered from Swansea Docks via Pontardawe, Rhyd y Fro to the purpose built Turbine Road as from South of Gwuan Cae Gurwen. Blockading such requires action of the Faslane/Greenham Common style of Action but on a smaller scale and would need cooperation of local Anti - Windmill Groups as 'Communities Together' and 'Betws Preservation Trust'. This would of course be a really serious business and way beyond my remit and experience etc, besides after the latter years of intense Anti - Windmill and Vyrnwy Protest activities I and fellow Welsh Remembrancer Sian Ifan need a break. I will let the 'New Independance Movement' and 'Resurgent Radical Republicans' consider taking over hence as I shall also be bedding down 'STRYVELAND' - Homeland Defence Movement for possibly quite a long sleep? Plenty of time to consider all this over the Saturday and possibly the Sunday too, if there are Patriots up to continuing the 'Struggle To Save Stryveland'.

Thus the 'Betws Barricade' of 9th June is on the whole a symbolic affair and not last the distance as the 'Barricades of Belleville' during the Paris Commune 1871 or those of the Merthyr Insurrection 1831. There will be speeches then a general moving on along the Southern Fences  to place upon Posters and Black Ribbons before crossing through the Red Gates to the Northern Side and proceeding to the 'Trig' and then on to the Viewing Station. See Red Gate in Photo below, it appears all access for Footpaths and Bridleways are so facilitated but one must continue across and not attempt to walk the Turbine Road in either direction back to Mynydd y Betws entrance nor continue down to Nant Y Melyn 'Gully' Turbine Road entrance (there is a danger of Work Machines travelling this road, so dogs and children keep an eye on). Though you can walk along the fences on either side in any direction you wish all the way to Banc Bryn and join up with the Gower and St Illtud's Ways, see maps and note if a 'Flaming June' you could have a really nice evening walking these splendid heath lands. Do so before the Windmills of Mass Destruction put and end to a most lovely area of our country that the WAGGERS have allowed to be devastated!

NB: I will add more photos this week to further posts, showing location of the Patriots Rally and the Fences. Posting in this blog.

Re above programme.

A film of meeting venues mentioned above along with possible camping places on the mountain will be posted on to the ‘Cymru’n Codi 2012’ blog and facebook in due course along with final programme. Naming Speakers and 'Cultural Contributors?'.

NB: All attending the above events may begin to arrive at the Mynydd y Betws Viewing Station as soon as they wish on the 9th (or on 8th if wishing to set up tents) but noting, that as from 1:30pm, attendees should make their way to the gathering/platform places for their 2 - 3:00pm events. Possibly all will be returning to the viewing station between 5 - 6:00pm. Organisers have requested that those patriotic musicians, singers and poets who would like to contribute to a ‘Mountain Gwerin Owain Free Festival' could do so at the Viewing Station prior to the later Afternoon events and activities and a more formal  'Social' (hopefully) will be organised for the evening.  Venue and full details re Evening Social will be confirmed at a later date. In the meantime, Anyone up to contributing music wise, do contact Si├ón Ifan at


Bring Black Ribbons and bunches of Ivy and small Red & Yellow Crosses made of wood or cardboard to hang on the fences in memory of Y Cymry who fought and died on Mynydd y Betws resisting Anglo - Norman aggression pitted against them post 1282 in order to drive them off this, their land, which became free again in 1334 with the destruction of the castle of Penlle'r Gaer.

There is a Pub Close by that serves Drink and food but come prepared with a picnic as there are Seats and Tables at the Viewing Station if so wishing to use for this purpose. This Heathland has a Peat base throughout and even if it has rained it dries out very fast but nevertheless pitch tents on higher locations that are also sheltered. As for walking this landscape is easy to walk but of course wear good walking boots or shoes, children of and older age will cope but younger children, think about how far you walk and where. The landscape is not as stumpy as areas of Mynydd Pumlumon nor with many boggy puddles but wear long thick socks to fend off 'ticks' and as defence from snakes as if hot they will be basking in the Sun unless hiding away from Buzzards and Kites or Foxes? Please, do not take this as being 'alarmist', just take care at all times and no smoking as heathland fires will be the likly greatest danger you will have to face but on this landscape I doubt if you will get trapped. Take flasks of liquid refreshment and 'sarnies' and energy sweets for the kiddies. all in all you will have a great day out or a wonderful weekend not to be missed, not least if your part of an something that becomes 'Welsh History' as this is a 'Cross Roads Cymru' moment so make most of it and take plenty of fotos and film. Last but not least ENJOY!!!

The Cross will be set up in location under the remains of Penlle'r Gaer and above the Three County Cross Roads, the 1334 'Ffin Stryveland' (Stryveland Frontier). See Photo below and further on:

Cross will be set up as from 12: noon, please bring small stones from your locality to help build a small cairn, paint initial your name or paint on name of your locality or society. Do not forget have your photo taken by the cross as a personal momento, it may not be there for long if there is a Renewables Revenge attack on it? Those attending the other 'Trig' Rally can do so later in the day following their event as detailed at above.

Note Radical Patriots holding their Rally here at 2:00pm and gathering as from 1:00pm at this location will have ample time to involving themselves in above. By way those attending the 'Moderate' Anti - Windmill Rally may if they wish participate in the 'Betws Barricade' or hold their own at another entrence en route to the 'Trig'.

Hope I have not forgot anything? any quaries or concerns do contact me.

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