Saturday, 29 September 2012


Get Your Ghost Shirt Ready for your own 'Autonomous' Glyndwr Ramblers Groups Field Trip outings over the coming Celtic Holiday of Samhain. All the info you need to make this 'Journey' you will find in this blog and recent posts in particular.

To Siambr Glyndwr:

If you can make it take a small rock from your community to contribute to a Remembrance Cairn on Allt Letty'r Crydd.

Visiting Neolithic Stone Row.

Gathering at Bancbryn for good views of the MYB/WMP area.

Alternativelly, if you do not fancy a lot of walking, visit the Ysbryd Cofiwn 'Stryveland Frontier' Cross, at foot of Penlle'r Gaer Castle to place a small rock and Ivy/floral tributes in memory of those who fought and died to liberate Mynydd y Betws from the Anglo - Norman Robber Barons and make it for they a bitter and bloody 'Styveland' 1282 - 1334.

Also visit the 'Trig' Stryveland Struggle 1282 - 1334 Memorial,
 sadly seeing....

...within a week of our making of it, it was vandalized and destroyed and thus needs restoration and leaving of floral/Ivy tributes in remembrance of a long successful struggle fought for Freedom. Land and Liberty!

A battle fought but lost is still as a battle won, rather than a battle not fought at all and thus never remembered!

Yn Fyddlon.

Gethin ap Gruffydd and Sian Ifan.

Oh No! Sian is pointing towards Hyddgen and continuation of struggle there to defend that battle site from desecration by the Windmill Masters.

Time Again For:

No! I mean Balchder Cymru or any 'New Movement' that can rise to the occasion of continuing this and other campaigns in the struggle For Cymru/Wales as Sian and I are off on a long, long break and just may not come back in the New Celtic Year as we get busy on  all our o/s Projects in the back room. Our thanks to those who supported us and a curse on those who opposed us, not least the traitors within, may they rot in hell and they know who they are as will patriotic posterity. We can assure them of that!!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


The Spirit Horse of Lletty'r Crydd, that's my novel in the making, meandering about in my head as I have to labour thru this getting to be boring blogging posts which I am considering now serve no real purpose. 

As I knock! Knock on the Welsh Nationalist Door but I fear there is no one in? whatever, before you go on for a fuller picture see these blog links:

Atop Bancbryn, looking towards the North and Banc Cwmhelen.

Same location looking West in the Betws/Ammanford Direction. note in distance the TV Mast, that is a good location finder.

Many Windmill Blades are now on the Mountain, awaiting the Towers and Rotas and then up they will go all 15 'English Princes of Wales' Commemorating 600 years of Conquest and Colonisation and no doubt another 60 as CORPORATE COLONY CYMRU or so be time which Cymru/Wales will be no more, FIN! What did you do about it?

Sian making her way back down the hills of Bancbryn and 
Allt Lletty'r Crydd.

So, how to get to these locations? Get yourselves an O/S Map and specialist Ramblers maps of the area is advisable as pathways are problematic to say the least. Overgrown, obscured and soggy to point of being impossible to pass on.

We went up the hard way from A474, finding an obscured public (private, we asked permission from a very pleasant young women, so be polite and do ask) pathway through a farm yard (not Nant y Melyn nor Nant Ricket, not on map), through field of chickens and passing horse stables to area in picture below:

Take the path way below the fence pictured, for a short while then turn up hill (Allt Lletty'r Crydd) and carry on upwards via the two trees in picture below.

The Tree below looks as it it has been hit by Lightening, a Moses bush? or Druid Tree kind of thing! At this point note the views.

View to South East - Over the Mountains the Swansea Valley.

View To South and Pontardawe.

Looking to North East - Swansea Valley again.

Bryn Mawr towards the South West, if you were standing over there at the tree line you would see what looks like a thin line around Lletty'r Crydd, I thought it might have been a sheep trail but in fact quite a wide track. On Allt Lletty'r Crydd, if I remember correctly accessed between the two trees in photos above, look out for it as you cannot really miss it and it is both an easier way up and down.

This track leads all the way around and up Allt Lletty'r Crydd to Bancbryn, to access going up as noted above or via Nant Ricket via which you can also return or via our original route up. We tried going down via Nant Ricket but the track got very boggy. View looks back towards the Brecon Beacons.

This is continuing upwards, to the left is Bryn Mawr, have been around base as far as the St Illtyd's Trail. To right Allt Lletty'r Crydd.

A cutting in the trackway.

The Trackway will reach the fence (WMP Road), this Red Topped Gate (Public Access) crosses over to Bryn Mawr.

There you are, Bryn Mawr again.

Carrying on upwards towards Bancbryn.

Baner Glyndwr raised on Allt Lletty'r Crydd and beyond Bancbryn.

Looking back you will see Bryn Mawr again and the downed sign indicates route of St Illtyd's way (at this point crosses over the Turbine Road twice), see Turbine Road in background and above that St Illtyd's Way.

Looking across at the main area of the MYB/WMP, see the TV Mast.

This is the long St Illtyd's Way across the Mountains with associated Bridle way. View looks North West towards Glanaman and Garnant, I have walked from this direction to this point....

.....have also turned left here and gone across Country to Penlle'r Gaer Castle (see previous posts), rough rambling as a Glyndwr Rambler that did for me will stick to the track below next time.

Fences, barbwire topped everywhere marking out more acres for CORPORATE COLONY  CYMRU 

If your thinking of going up over the coming month of October take laminated posters up to tie to the fences.

              I guess now, it's all over but for the Shouting and when the Fat Lady Sings at the official opening of MYB/WMP sometime 2013.

That's It?

Friday, 21 September 2012

20 MEDI 2012 OUR 7 HOUR OR SO EPIC ON LLETTY'R CRYDD and BANCBRYN FILMING ARRIVAL OF TURBINE TOWER (Arthur 'Tudor' Richmond) TO THE MYB/WMP also Filming Allt Llety'r Crydd and Bancbryn Neolitic Sites. PLUS THE DISCOVERY OF OUR 'SIAMBER GLYNDWR' SENTRY POST. A Cold Day with long waits, that night we felt our age. Can we retire now?

Patriots, Sian stands atop Allt Lletty'r Crydd and points to Bryn Mawr under which is the Lletty'r Crydd Gully through which the MYB/WMP Maintenance Road Passes, fenced off but as 'red top gates' indicating public rights of way through which you may pass to carry out putting up flags, placards and banners. Pity more Patriots are not around to do it with us, will things improve or do we have to call on BC/PAW Activists Phillip and Anita to back us up all the time, they are very good at this activity could have done with them this day with Russell and Pauline the 'Balchder Brigade' down at the gates as they were on 16 Medi with other PAW activists.

Looking up towards Banc Bryn where Sandy and Sophie are guarding the Neolithic Stone Row.

Sian and I then busied ourselves on Lletty'r Crydd whilst we waited for the TTC.

Now we are as ready as ever, but it turned out to be a long wait and it was cold and it rained. Go on laugh!!!

But the rain went, Sun stayed away but it got warmer a bit, enough for me to model my hand painted Partisan Cymru protesters T - Shirt.

Primitive Neolithic Rock Markings at Siamber Glyndwr.

                       Turbine Alert - They Are On The Way Along A474.

 Atop Bancbryn - Post To Follow:

 NB: Sian filmed the above and much else, all to go on YT but it is a lot of work, so be patient.