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Letter Received:

There is such overwhelming local and other opposition to the Betws and Mynydd y Gwair proposals that a class action can be organized to share costs, legal aid and after the event insurance taken out. As you may know the Open Spaces Society is the oldest such society in Britain as offered to assist inc financially. 

Briefly in my opinion and in that of many others 

1) The development is illegal and may be demolished under Section 41 of the 2006 Commonland Act by County Court or High Court Order following an injunction.

2) Commonland was illegally enclosed under an obsolete act of 1852 or so, and the development is taking place on peat, again illegal.

3) A 90% local objecting majority (written objections) was ignored by a single planning officer called Wild. Other objections were all ignored, including one by CADW of the Welsh Government. In my view, as on my blog, this is illegal because it violates human rights which I have listed on my blog, notably the right to opinion, assembly and freedom of speech. Together, these rights constitute the right to democracy. Ignoring democracy is illegal and obviosuly very dangerous. It violates the European Convention on Human Rights, whch is law in England and Wales.

4) It violates the precedent set in the Helmsby High Court ruling, in that a 90% objecting majority was over-ruled.

5) It violates environmental laws, such as local council by laws and other laws protecting the environment.

6) It violates laws protecting wild life and ancient monuments. Part of a newly discovered ancient monument, ten thousand years old, has already been damaged or endangered before there has been time to study it.

7) It is malfeasance, because wind turbines are useless industrially, and a mass of data shows that there is no global warming due to carbon dioxide. Wind turbines are not needed, and they are a danger to the grid. They threaten to bankrupt the economy. No responsible government would do this to its own People. 
The injunction application would seek an order to have the turbines demolished, and similarly all turbine farms demolished which were built by ignoring local opposition majorities. Turbine developments planned against known local objecting majorities would be stopped by the injunction, notably Mynydd y Gwair, against which there is overhwelming local oppostion, expressed many times in many ways. This would occur all over England and Wales. Compensation would be sought for environmental damage, and compensation for those whose human rights were violated. Finally the injunction would order wind turbine companies to demolish illegal developments at their own expense, and to pay back their subsidies to the government. Similarly all those paid subsidies illegally would have to pay them back to the government by court order.  


Myron Evans

Prof. M. W. Evans, Armiger of Mawr, Civil List Pensioner, D. Sc.

Comment Re Above, I have recieved nuch interestin Information from Prof. M.W. Evans of which I shall publish more of over coming week. So do return to this blog to be kep up to date, the Struggle To Save Stryveland might not be over yet?

                                        Also see up dates in link below:

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LAST POST ON STRYVELAND! Cymru'n Codi 2012 Blog Conclusion.

It Will Soon Be All Over - Death of A Mountain.

Er Cof Am Mynydd y Betws

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The Last Days Of  Free Mynydd y Betws - Liberated  in the Struggle of Stryveland1282 1334.

Just Look At Those 'Monsters' that have been ripping up the 
landscape of Mynydd y Betws for a Windmill Plantation -
Nothing at all Poetic About that Leon or for that matter Bethan's 
Dad none of whom turned up upon 'Stryveland 2012' to be poetic about the majesty of this precious lanscape being pillaged for PROFIT of the 'New Conquistadores' aka The Windmill Masters who with Untility Companies plan to make of Wales 'CORPORATE COLONY CYMRU'.

Pic: Owain Gruffydd (c)

Could title this pic David v Goliaths and the Goliaths won? think it could be Gethin turning his back on 'Stryveland' and walking away from worrying about the 'Windmilling of Wales'. Maybe? I can do that at last and return to my back room as following the above and despite only a few patriots prepared to become 'Stryvelanders' at the 'Betws Barricade' a number have decided that where I said in one of my speeches.''This could be The End or a New Beginning'', a number went away encouraged and decided the 'New Beginning' was the only option open to true Patriots, no matter how few with hearts in the right place and strengthened by the history of the first 'Stryveland Struggle 1282 - 1334' there has been established 
PAW - Patriots Against Windmills.

Stryveland Films.

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Democracy of the Mountains speech on the Mynydd y ... Gethin ap Gruffydd of the
Great ... Land and Liberty on Mynydd y Gwair Sunday 10th Jun. - 97k -Similar pages



More Fotos To Be Published In Due Course or you can join my fb and see the complete 'Stryveland' Collection' Do so quick has this fb is closing down in 1 - 7 - 2012.

In Mean Time Note, a number of struggles continue information on can be obtained from the following blogs:
















My fb will close down on 1 - 7 - 2012, these blogs will start closing down between Lugnasadha and Samhain 2012, this a must as I have an huge program of archiving, book writing plus helping Sian produce DVDs etc.


See You Around, look out for the Red Pitchfork!

Gethin 'Iestyn' ap Gruffydd.

Friday, 15 June 2012


A 'People's Allotment' began upon the Mynydd y Betws Windmill Plantation, an Apple Sapling was planted as well a Raspberry Bush. Further such will be established in time on as many Windmill Plantations as Possible, the English Crown Estates proposed WMP's first and foremost in mind as a major campaign of Symbolic Repossession - 'ADFEDDIANT!' promoted by CYMRWCH Y TIR YN OL - Land and Liberty - Wales Land Act Struggle! 
The below 'People's Allotment' was sponsored and established by Balchder Cymru - Welsh Political Consciousness Movement. It is hoped other groups, bodies and Societies will support this 'Peoples Allotment' campaign and not wait on going ahead in their own time and in own way to do the same. Please inform us if you do, when and where and send photos too thank you. Gethin ap Gruffydd.

The Four Lions rampant flag in this picture is the last flag of an Independent Wales. Reject the Red Dragon flag of the Tudors for the true flag of Wales is the four Lions rampant of Owain Glyndwr.Owain Glyndwr was the leader of the last Welsh War of Independence.

Speakers: Gethin ap Gruffydd Cymrwch y Tir yn Ol and Sian Ifan Embassy Glyndwr also Adam Phillips and Russell G. Morris of Balchder Cymru and Pol Wong of Deffro'r Ddraig  on the 9th June also made speeches against Corporate Land Grabbing in Wales for Industrial Windmilling.See videos here:

The following is a speech delivered by 'Nickglais' of the Great Unrest Group 2012 in support of a new Welsh Land Act on 10th June 2012 on Mynydd Y Gwair. This speech was part of a weekend of action on 9th/10th on Mynydd Betws and Mynydd Gwair against Land Grabbing and Industrial scale Windmilling of Wales. Here is the text of Nickglais's speech on 10th June 2012 on Mynydd y Gwair.
It is unacceptable that in 2012 that Land in Wales is owned by the English Crown and Aristocrats.

These Lands were stolen from the Welsh People and never were or never can belong to the Aristocracy or Monarchy of another country because of historic conquest.

Welsh People are being denied a say or even access to their own land because of the ownership of Welsh Land by the English Crown and Aristocrats.

Today we have the Duke of Beaufort trying to impose a wind farm on the Mynydd y Gwair in Carmarthenshire against the wishes of the local Welsh People because of his historic title to the land based on robbery and conquest.
Mynydd y Bettws is a 100% protected and very large habitat area of supreme beauty has had a Wind Farm was imposed on this community by using the Enclosure Act of 1845 by Carmarthen County Council in violation of EEC rules for the benefit of an overseas company.

All Crown and Aristocratic Land in Wales should to be returned to the people of Wales for Welsh People to decide the use of their own Land.

We at the Great Unrest Group 2012 support the call for a new Welsh Land Act to achieve that aim.

A Welsh Land Act electronic petition to remove the Duke of Beaufort's lands and Crown Lands by compulsory purchase is now being organized throughout Wales.

Apart from the petition we at the Great Unrest Group 2012 support the call for Peoples Allotments on Aristocratic Estates and Crown Estates throughout Wales.

Standing here on the Mynydd y Gwair reminds us that Wales has a history of democratic meetings on mountains that goes back several hundreds of years.
Welsh people historically were driven into the mountain by the English Conquest of Wales - the mountains were our last defence for a Welsh fightback that has never ended.
The working class movement in Wales was born in secret meetings on Gwent Mountains these meetings gave birth to the Scotch Cattle Movement of the early 19th century - a movement that demanded social justice in early industrial Wales.

It was a movement of direct democracy of the mountains in line with Welsh tradition.

Today we see the democracy of the squares in urban areas in London, New York, Athens Cairo and the rejection of representative democracy for direct democracy.

Today in 2012 we remember the Great Unrest in Wales in 1910-1912 when the authors of the Miners Next Step rejected elite representative democracy for the democracy of the workplace industrial democracy.

Elite capitalist representative democracy will give way in the 21st century for the mass democracy of the working people.

The rural direct democracy of the mountains will join with the urban direct democracy of the squares.

Therefore we at The Great Unrest Group call on the Occupy movement in Wales to look beyond your urban horizons and join us in taking back the land from the Crown and Aristocratic Estates in Wales - sign the petition for a new Welsh Land Act - support the People's Allotments campaign - Occupy the Land !

           Planting a tree on the Mountain symbolic start to Peoples Allotments Campaign
YouTube - Videos 

From Russell G. Morris Balchder Cymru and PAW
(Patriots Against Windmills) - AFAN NEDD.


For those who don't know me I'm Russell Morris , I'm a Member of Balchder Cymru . 

What I am about to say some people might agree and some might not , but here it is .

Why do we need to wreck more of our Countryside here in Wales ? When at present we produce more energy than we currently use. Why are we allowing ourselves to be a battery source for England ? And not get any benefit for it .

Like I say we don't need to wreck any more land , because look around your towns and villages , look at the land already wrecked in the construction of houses and business premises . 
Now if the majority of these buildings had their own source of power , via the form of solar panels or even mini turbines on the roofs of properties , it would kill two birds with one stone so to speak . By firstly using land already built on and secondly putting the benefit where it needs to be – the person residing in the property.

Some councils are already doing solar on their houses , like in Wrecsam . In the village of Coedpoeth they are already being attached to the roofs . So it can be done !.
You don't even need to restrict solar and wind to just buildings either . Like for instance , street lighting and motorway lighting can also be converted .

Now imagine all the lights in Wales using FREE electricity , think about how much that would save US . So NO to Monster Turbines but YES to other ways of doing it like I just mentioned .

In the 60's Patriots of Wales battled against the flooding of Tryweryn , well fast forward to NOW and we have our own battle and its a much bigger Tryweryn.

We need to get out there Protest and Poster places up , those on the internet can print off posters off the website at BalchderCymru.Info . We can't sit back and let things roll over us .

Most of us have jobs or more than one job . What we can do though is make a commitment to get OUT there when we can and DO what we can . No one else is going to do it for us .


Russell Morris

Member of Balchder Cymru.

Message From Organisers:

Sian and I wish to extend thanks to all who supported and attended the above event and activities. I also extend thanks to the Police who kept a low profile with two officers who allowed us to proceed with out any interference whatsoever, hope they as every one else had a good day and unlike I, who went home dead beat and with a Sun burnt head and forehead. 

Where Next did I here you say? 
Well! a Republican Holiday ( I empasize holiday) in Ardal Maenclochog on 14 July Bastille Day, then launch of PAW - MORGANNWG and Campaign against Pen y Cymoedd Windmill Plantation some where in the Blaenau Morgannwg Mid - August. An 'ADFEDDIANT' of the vast English Crown Estate on and around Coedwig Brechfa over the August Bank Holiday Weekend 2012. In conclusion between 18 - 24 Mis Medi 2012 another 'ADFEDDIANT', this time of the Vyrnwy Estate as an on going struggle against a vast Land Grab by United Utilities. This campaign is as much about expropriation of our Woodlands and Water as it is against potential Windmill Plantation sites there. Hopefully, this may also witness a mass mobalisation of Patriots who will by Mis Medi - Mis Glyndwr have woken up, ready to advance in a National United Anti - Colonial Movement and Struggle seeking as our National Hero Owain Glyndwr the defence of our People and Communities from the 'Old Conquistadores' and the Liberation of Our Homeland. The 24 Medi 1400 was the day upon which was fought the first Battle of Vyrnwy, in reality a skimish but again as Glyndwr would prove a year later at Hyddgen he could in the long run win against the odds! Now will all you Patriots out there be ready to 'engage' in the Second (non - Violent) Battle of Vyrnwy during September 2012. Make Ready!




Tuesday, 5 June 2012




NO TO WINDFARMS – No To The Industrialising of our Rural Landscape!



Assembly Area: Betws Viewing Station between 1am and 1.30pm.

An Exhibition Of Campaign Photo and Art Work.

If Weather Is good Ideal Area for Picnic, otherwise and if wet there is the Scots Pine Public House not far away (see their website and phone to book meals).

Departure from Viewing Station at 1.30pm to reach the two Gathering points by 2pm.

Gathering 1:  From 2 – 3pm. At the trig point off Y Waun.

Speakers will be introduced By Siân Ifan of Embassy Glyndŵr


*Gethin ap Gruffydd of ‘Cymrwch y Tir yn Ôl’ Campaign.

* Representative of the Sofren Cymru Group.

* Other speakers representing Anti Windmill groups to be confirmed.

* Dr Myron Evans will read a relevant poem prior to his unveiling of the ‘Ysbryd Cofiwn’ Remember Stryveland Cross.

 Gathering 2: From 2 – 3pm. At the foot of Penlle’r Castell on the Cross Roads Frontier of Stryveland. Welsh Patriots will ‘Vent their Mythology’ in a ‘Soap Box Nation’ Discussion and Debate on Theme of ‘Whither Anti – Colonial Struggle In Wales Today’. Introduced By Adam Phillips of Balchder Cymru/Celtic League and Chaired by Russell G. Morris of Balchder Cymru/Plaid Cymru Afan Nedd.

3.30pm. Both Rallies,  led by ‘Rough Music’,  will March to the Main Entrance of the Windmill Plantation to hold the
‘Betws Barricade’


Siân Ifan will welcome participants and Contributors to the Days events and activities. Gethin ap Gruffydd of ‘Stryveland Cymru’ will speak on the purpose of the ‘Betws Barricade’ and what is to follow on in continuation of the Struggle against the Windmilling of Wales. He will also speak on the issue of a ‘Cymrwch y Tir yn Ôl ‘Land and Liberty’ – Wales Land Act campaign.


5 – 6:00pm Decorating THE FENCE OF WELSH DISCONTENT.

                       6 – 8:00pm Socialising at the Viewing Station. (Weather permitting) Bring your own picnic and refreshments.

8:00 – 9:00 Visit to Penlle’r Gaer Castell to see a Wonderful 360 View as the Sun lowers to the West (Optional) or, if you wish tour this mountain plateau by car.

Full details of day’s activities can be found on the blog Cymru’n Codi at:

NB There are Three Public House located in this Area other than the Scots Pine, they are the Travellers Well at Rhyd y Fro and Masons Ams at Rhyd y Pandy.

Stop Press: if it rains,. I mean torrentially, there will, of course, be a need to improvise. You could retreat to the pubs, visit Ammanford, Pontardawe or Pontardulais to do some shopping and there is Morriston and Swansea near by. Also,  ISwansea, there are two museums to visit. If mildly raining/showers and cold, we can then stick it out but speed it up as it will get cold, just cross fingers and hope it is sunny. But of course, this is Wales!


Sunday, 3 June 2012

THE 4th WAY - THE LONG ROAD ACROSS MYNYDD Y BETWS - From Glanaman To Banc Cwmhelen Along St Illtyd's Walk To Banc Bryn passing by Tresgyrch Fawr under Bryn Mawr to Mountain Road with short Walk to Penlle'r Gaer. Also Turn off to Penlle'r Gaer along Gower Way at Banc Cwmhelen. Do Note: That WMP Working All Over Between Banc Cwmhelen and Banc Bryn with Heavy Lorries To and Fro, so care and it's not suitable for small children. Wonderful Views in All Directions But do Consult Maps carefully as footpaths can be confused with Sheep and Horse Trails plus Pathway Signs Could have been taken down. Do not go off pathways as I did foolishly. myself I would stick to the St Illtyd's Walk and Bridle Path as it is very Identifiable. This Walk forget doing on the 9th but do at another time to see the grand Views in all directions plus of course seeing the land being torn up by the machines of Tan 8 Terrorism.

Unfortunatly My Photo Space Is all Used Up In Blogs so have to place photos in my fb Photo Gallery Album. But See useful Info Below:

No liability can be accepted by  Myself Re Information Given  In This Or Other Posts Regards Walks Over Mynydd y Betws.

The Walk links with the Coed Morgannwg Way at Margam giving access to the
Rhymney Valley Ridgeway Walk and Taff Trail. St Illtyd flourished in the latter part ... Illtyd's Walk - 41k - Similar pages

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in high veneration in Wales, where many churches were dedicated to him in ... - 30k - Similar pages

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St. Illtyd's Way, across Mynydd y Gwair (Baran mountain) and Mynydd y Betws. - 53k - Similar pages

Swansea Area Multi Map.

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