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P3 :CAMPAIGN TO DEFEND MYNYDD Y BETWS 2011 - 2013 AND FREEDOM MARCH INTO THE MOUNTAINS OF 'STRYVELAND' 8 - 9 -10 JUNE 2012 - A Southern National Conclusion To a Week Of Patriotic Action of Welsh Mountains Freedom From Renewables Robber Barons Marches Into Our 'Sacred Hills'.

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I am hoping this Campaign can be organised by Pobl Eginog and both they and SOCME  will jointly but not neccessary organise the 8 - 9 - 10 March into the Mountains. I am more concerned here with the march on Mynydd y Betws being organised and starting out from Pentre Betws via the Mountain Inn and gathering at the Betws Mountain Viewing area (See  Red Pitcfork Flag On Gate fotos below). Photo Immediatly below, S.Ifan of Embassy Glyndwr promoting a 'Camp Glyndwr' near entrence to Coed Brynlleffrith.

The March on Mynydd Y Gwair from possibly Craig Cefn Parc or Rhyd y Fro meeting up for joint Forest Rally with Mynydd y Betws marchers later in day at Coed Brynllefrith under Penlle'r Gaer Castle site, younger marchers may after hold gathering atop this site to rise up our historic flags and banners of defiance at the going down of the Sun for some great 360 fotos of both mountains and intended Windmill Plantation sites. NB: Possible Northern Conclusion to Week of Marches into the Mountain, I suggest be at Mynydd Mynyllod near Corwen.

Further details of this conclusion in P4 Next Post.

I WISH I could share the same enthusiasm as John Childs on wind ... all results

23 Apr 2011 – ... the Irish firm ESB International to install 15 turbines on Mynydd y Betws (adjacent... ... the temporary and superficial damage caused to Betws Mountainand the Intimidation ... Medical emergency led to woman's road death ...

Ministerial Decision on a planning application on land at Mynydd y ...;...enMinisterial Decision on a planning application on land at Mynydd y Betws, Ammanford,.... on this site requires that you have the right software to view it. ...


Betws - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The name 'Betws' is generally thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon 'bed-hus' - a house of prayer, or oratory, and means "chapel" in the Welsh language. ...

"BETTWS, a parish, in the union of LLANELLY, hundred of ISKENNEN, . ... Day Saints, Cwmamman John Griffith, Elder, Nr Prince Albert Inn, Cwm Amman ... Parish entry forBettws with Ammanford from The Welsh Church Year Book, 1929 (Cd ...

Suggested Programme.

Friday 8 June March Organisers and Stewards Meeting.

Saturday 9 June: 

                             am: Conference on campaign against Windmill Farms.
                             pm: History School on Popular Struggle in Welsh History.

                                    Nos: Evening Concert - Major Fund Raiser.

Sunday 10 June:

                            9 am: Church Service Betws.
                            10 am Assemble in Betws Park.
                           11 pm: March into the Mountains Begins.
                           1:00 pm Break in Mountain Inn.
                                                March Continues.
                           2 pm: Gathering at Mynydd y Betws Viewing area.
                           3 pm: March continues to Coed Brynllethfrith.
                           4 pm: Joint Rally.
                           5 pm: Rising up flags at Penlle'r Gaer.

                    6 pm: Return Homeward, walk back or have transport arranged to pick people up, it will be near midsummer so just enjoy the day   with at least 999 other patriots. Well think we can manage 99 other patriots? Now use some Imagination plus enthusiasm please and this could be one of the greatest events ever in Welsh Nationalist History and just maybe, even if it's just a 'one off' perhaps a massive mass mobalisation of Welsh Nationalist Unity and Solidarity across all walks of life and politics - Lets go for it! Now this blog, these posts 1 - 5 inc the prologue plus the time, sweat and pain of mountain rambling playing out Red Stag work, not least the cost finnancially not done with 'Saxon Silver' or seeking donations but out of my own pocket and down to patriotic priciples and love of homeland and I mean the land and the Heritage upon it. You out there now cross the t's and dot the i's or have you something better to do next year, the lack of a patriotic stand regards 'Anglesonia' and English Royal Weddings plus Patriotic Failiure regards the Vyrnwy Estate on top of such failings, the huge failing of not being to fore of the fight against the Renewables Robber Barons - Windmill Masters - the New Conquistadores really makes a misarable mockery of a so called National Struggle that considers not the old call 'Trech Gwlad Nag Arglwydd' for Land and Liberty!

 Above Programme is Suggested, final agenda falls to pobl Eginiog defence of Mynydd y Betws, so let me know when your organised and I will place Information here. I must now turn my focus of attention to Windmill Farms in my own homeland area of Merthyr Tudful, will all keep in mind March into the Mountains week kicks off as an 'All Cymru/Wales' National Event marching into the mountains of Mynyddoedd Pumlumon for grand  gathering at Hyddgen Glyndwr Battle Site - centred on 'Cerrig Cyfamod Glyndwr' via the Bwlch yr Arain Forestry Commission Centre (See the Into Post). All that's left to say now is to say Ymlaen! so spread the words  of an earlier popurlar protest upon Mynydd Bach, Credigion during 'Rhyfel y Sais Bach'.

Fe dwythwyrd yr udgorn
ar ben yr Hebryg Fawr
Dach mwy na mil o ddynion
ynghyd mewn hanner awr.
The horn was sounded on Hebryg Fawr.
More than a 1000 men came together
in half an hour.

Route of March Betws to Mynydd y Betws.

Route Mynydd y Betws SW-028 - SOTAwatch2
9 Oct 2007 – Route Mynydd y Betws SW-028. Approach from Ammanford A483 to Bettws, then the minor mountain road which passes the Scotch Pine pub (now ...

Map of Mynydd y Betws in Carmarthenshire Sir Gaerfyrddin
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Mynydd Y Betws trig point. Mynydd Y Betws ... -
9 Feb 2011 – Hardly anyone could call it their local and the road up the mountain is so.... Mynydd Y Betws triangulation station, flush bracket number S2015. ...

Assemble in Pentre Betws.

Betws (nr Ammanford) - John's Homepage
St David's Church, Betwsnear Ammanford, Carmarthenshire ... Full text and further historical details accessible on the Town of Ammanford website]. ...

Betws Park, near Ammanford:: OS grid SN6312 :: Geograph Britain ...
22 Jun 2005 – The river Amman forms the west boundary of this park.

Betws (nr Ammanford) - John's Homepage
St David's Church, Betwsnear Ammanford, Carmarthenshire ... Full text and further historical details accessible on the Town of Ammanford website]. ...

Scotch Pine Inn BetwsAmmanford opening times and reviews
Find other open pubs near Scotch Pine Inn, BetwsAmmanford. Friday 25th November 2011 12:02 am. Edit these OPENING TIMES ...


To the right - Mynydd Y Betws.

View towards Mynydd y Betws | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
2 Oct 2010 – keyboard shortcuts: ← previous photo → next photo L view in light box F favorite < scroll film strip left > scroll film strip right ? show ...

Mynydd y Betws (#2280) Hill Details + GPS Waypoint
Download or bag Mynydd y Betws (#2280) Hill Details + GPS Waypoints: GPS POI File + OS Grid Reference in Memory Map .GPX, GPSU, Aquet .AEF, Google Earth .

Back through the Gate towards Mynydd y Betws and Mynydd y Gwair.

Pass This Water Board Installation.

Toward the TV Mast Walk a little way along to View Mynydd y Betws, 
to the right.

Mynydd y Betws - Area for the Windmill Plantation.

Gower Way marker 46A This stone is just on the east side of the ...
3 Mar 2011 – Mynydd y Gwair, Bettws Mountain A rather bland scene at the moment,... Source, Wikimedia Commons, image ID Gower Way marker 46A This stone ...

Mynydd y Gwair - News - Evri
Upper Lliw Reservoir, Brynllefrith PlantationMynydd y Gwair ... A walk through the Brynllefrith Plantation. This photo was taken on March 15, ...

The Road from Rhyd y Fro - 
To Right Mynydd y Betws and to Left Mynydd y Gwair, 
the two Windmill Plantations will stretch right across 
this land our ancestors fought so hard to keep their
own but now an Absentee English Aristocrat and a
very absentee Irish Utility Company own it and
will make millions out of it. What you Welsh of 
today going to do about it?


Mynydd y Betws (#2280) Hill Details + GPS Waypoint
Download or bag Mynydd y Betws (#2280) Hill Details + GPS Waypoints: GPS POI File + OS Grid Reference in Memory Map .GPX, GPSU, Aquet .AEF, Google Earth .

Mynydd y Betws - Wicipedia - Translate this page
Mynydd ar y ffîn rhwng Sir Gaerfyrddin a sir Abertawe yn ne Cymru yw Mynydd y Betws; cyfeiriad grid SN664094. Uchder cymharol, neu ”amlygrwydd” y copa, ...

2280 Mynydd y Betws
2280 Mynydd y Betws. By Jim Fothergill .... The W top is slightly higher and a betterview. 2011-Nov-14 20:06:43 2567 Harrop Pike ...

Drilling for coal on Mynydd y Gwair, near Ammanford, South Wales ...
... for Betws Mine, about 5 km to the north, near Ammanford. The view eastwards from the same location is here: ...

[Mynydd y Gwair developments - Save Our Common Mountain ...
Objectors to wind turbines on Mynydd y Betws may be interested in the following planning application: Planning application number: P2011/0522, Access track to Nant Melyn Farm off A474 Pontardawe Road Pontardawe, ... The Gower Society ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
station being built on the profoundly beautiful and historic Mynydd Y Gwair (The Hay. Mountain), North of Swansea, North of Gower. ... We need to protect our beautiful landscape, way of life and quality of life. ... Betws Community Council ...



11 Nov 2011 – Objectors to wind turbines on Mynydd y Betws may be interested in the... The Gower Way (Northern Section) - Swansea Bay, Mumbles and Gower ...


 LAND AND LIBERTY: MYNYDD Y GWAIR/MYNYDD Y BETWS ...Llywelyn Rhys and Eryl Vaughan but the 'main man' to watch out for his ...