Friday, 13 January 2012

PATHWAY 3: THIS GOES PASSED TRESGYRCH FAWR WITH T.G. TO MY LEFT I TURNED UP ALONG SLOPE OF BRYN MAWR AND PRESUMED I THEN WAS TRAVELLING ALONG ST ILLTUD'S WAY, This Turned Out To Be Pretty Epic Across Heathland That Got Boggy. Yes in a strange sort of way I was enjoying mysef, Mad! Mad! Mad!

Look at your Map and you will see that St Illtud;s way takes a strange route here. up Bancbryn then sharply turns, in my wisdom? I decide to go on towards and passed T.G. and then join a foot path up lower slopes of Bancbryn. At an higher point I seen the Windmill Workings and off in the distance the marked out Turbine Road/Windmill Plantation area, I turned in that direction on quite a long walk across boggy ground, hard going. If I was younger coulkd have done this for the Duke of Edinburg award?Joke!

The Easy Strectch.

Did not go far before I spotted Windmill Workings, over in direction just passed Penlle'r Gaer, note the TV Tower on the horizon the best landscape feature for orientaion use. The Mynydd Y Betws Trig Point is between that and the Windmill Workings in the foreground.

But I wanted to get to further up on Bryn Mawr to see what I could see from an high point, looking for the Turbine Road, took a photo here and then turned North accross the Mountain

That white line accross Mountain looks to me like a laid track that begins at Tresgyrch Fawr (it is marked on the Map).

Continuing on, nice day and not cold despite it being January.

Gethin claiming back the land with his Red Pitchfork Flag, at this point proably belongs to 'Commoners' anyway? It really is spectacular, I spose like a prairie and African Savvana or as I immagine such but yoou will be suprised at the expanse of it all taking in the main two mountains and all the hills inbetween, Vallies and Gullies. If I had not got involved in this Anti - Windmill Campaigning I would never have seen all this, if nothing else treat the June March into the Mountain as a big treat and fall in love with our Wonderfull Welsh Landscape high up in our 'Sacred Hills'.

Eventually came upon this.

Interesting, what was it?

Possibly a dam to hold back liklihood of high water rush from the brook, see foto below.

Nice spot for a Summer Picnic.

Continued a little further.

Off in the distance Gwuan Cae Gurwen.

Turbine Road under construction.

Turbine Road marked out.

Thought great! a road way down towards the Turbine Road and Windmill site, but totally messed up by horses hoofs just about as muddy as it can get.

So turned back, and a long walk!!! What was achieved, I guess knowing that the long walk was still shorter than Pathway 'A' over mountain from Garnant. Would be useful protest wise but save it for the Summer and stick to the foot path direct toward the Windmill site, do not meander up Bryn Mawr unless you really want to take in the 360 view.