Thursday, 5 January 2012

RED STAG SCOUTING OF MYNYDD Y BETWS - First Attempt From Direction Of Garnant Toward Bryncethin Farm, Second Attempt Via Glanaman Toward Banc Cwmhelen Heading For Bancbryn.

Note: The Below Was Carried out on Friday 5 Jan 2012, I am puting this post together on the 16th Jan but back date posting to the 5th has I have since done more Red Stag Scouting work on Mynydd y Betws and have a load of fotos and info to post up some again to be backed dated in a similar way for archive access reasons.


First Attempt proved unsuitable would have in main provided pathway down toward Cwmgors:

Cwmgors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cwmgors is a community in the South Wales Valleys connected to Gwaun-cae-Gurwen and Rhyd-y-Fro. It lies within the unitary authority of Neath Port Talbot ...

Other pathways would have led in a number of indirect directions to object of the exercise but maybe useful in the Summer in taking pathway towards Ty'n-domen but turning off onto pathway leading from Banc Cwmhelen down under Foel. Alternativelly, could join pathway/Bridle Path towards Bancbryn. All these pathways will take you in direction of the Turbine Road and in time Windmill Plantation across Mynydd Y Betws. 

However there is another more direct way from Glanaman take Heol Grenig into the Mountains as far as the Mountain Road that is signed 'No Access' to motorised vechiles but note it is open access for horse riders and walkers also pedal powered bikes maybe? At this point you will see this farm and a splendid view back down towards Ammanford, it's the third foto you need to take note of as it's this roadway that will take you right up onto Mynydd Y Betws in direction of Banc Cwmhelen, Bancbryn and Nant-Melyn via which the Turbine Road is being built from direction of A474 near Gwuan-Cae-Gurwen (see maps and photos in previos posts).

Now the adventure begins, quite a trek not so cold but very windy nevertheless I press on. Note first four fotos are to my left and are looking North and down on the villages and townships of the Amman Valley and further North.


I continue my Treck towards Bancbryn.

In foto above and below you see a TV Mast, note this as a direction finder.

At this point I notice something on the horizon, foto below turned out to dark to be of any viewing use.

So I have lightened and you can just make it out to the bottem right, my binoculars give me a better indication of a workings going on which given the location can only be the Windmill Plantation Turbine Road. Sure enough since last time I viewed the Turbine Road as moved on fast no doubt due to the good weather, too bad we had no heavy snow to hold them up in the gully at Nant-Melyn Farm.

Sure Enough Windmill Plantation Workings.

Foto below in same direction, only included as I like the lowering Sun in the West. At this point I am about up on Banc Cwmhelen and it is still not cold but the wind is starting to blow a gale making me breathless as I fight to stand up.

Ahead of me is the road continuing towards Bancbryn.

There are two groups of Ponies which get my attention, they are not the only herds of such to be seen in these mountains. I have taken fotos of many so I  will do a post especially on the Ponies of Mynydd y Betws whose mountain will be changed like it has not been since the ancestors of these ponies came to these Mountains and hills of 'Stryveland'.

Bancbryn, I will return! I just know from atop there will be best view of the Turbine Road and Intended area of the Windmill Plantation.

I decide to turn back, photo below now to my right and in direction of hills above Gwuan-Cae-Gurwen, better picture with Sun to my back. Whatever, got to get a better Camera than this pocket digital 'toy'.

So that was that, worn out glad to get back to the car and make way to Ammanford for a Beef Bagette and a couple of Whiskeys plus a bit of a break.  Then down to the ASC 'Pick and Shovel' to see some 'Old Comrades' still foolish enough to be swept off their feet with 'Leanne Feaver', though like most 'Old Comrades' would support the Devil as Plaid Leader if it got rid of the Lord Protector. What they going to do if he wins I wonder, still stick it out in Pro - English Royalist Loyalist British Federalist Plaid Cymru or do the right thing and quit and forget Movements and Parties and instead STRUGGLE FOR STRYVELAND 2012 - 2013?

Big disappointment, no history in Information or Fotos on the walls of the Radical Traditions of the P&S (ASC), did not stay for Leanne Meeting after all she supports the Renewable Robber Barons, no doubt happy to see them Land Grab as long as she can up hold 'Green Creditentials' and get the incoming Enviromental 'White Settlers' voting for her?

Note Plaid Cymru was the Junior Partners in Collabroationist Quisling WAG that voted in and promoted Tan 8 Windmilling of Wales in interest of Global Corporate Green Imperialism and Environmental Carpet bagging Neo - Colonialism. I just wonder how many Plaid Cymru Councillors voted for Enclosure of Mynydd y Betws in interest of an Irish Utility Company backed by an Irish Government held together with Camerons Bribes? Wonderfull!!!


Best Route being Banc Cwmhelyn to Bancbryn and on right over the Mountain towards Nan-melyn, on under Bryn Mawr or splitting off and walking across Mynydd y Betws in direction of Penlle'r Gaer. Consult O.S. Maps and do buy the one for this area and see fourthcoming posts in this blog.


Consult Maps, take Compass and Binoculers, if Winter/Spring Walking, dress warm and take flasks of Soup, Kendell Cake. Take walking stick as often paths disappear ands your in lumpy boggy heathland so easy to twist and turn, even sprain ankles.

Me? getting better at this hill walking and pathfinding and soon I will have earned my Radical Ramblers Red Stag Scouting Badge: